People’s Health Trust
Thanks to the People’s Health Trust and two generous benefactors, we have been able to provide monthly
Carers’ Time Out Days, weekly events for Carers and a wide range of individual support from January
2018–July 2021. 

The Community Foundation has enabled a number of projects over the years and has helped us adapt to the challenges of the pandemic era, such as moving our classes online. The Community Foundation Coronavirus Grant covered some core costs at this difficult time and enabled us to provide online activities for Carers, which were much appreciated. The Community Foundation is now supporting our development work with grants from the Roseline Fund and the Growth and Resilience Fund.

The Joicey Trust supported the employment of a HOPS Development Manager.

The 1989 Willan Charitable Trust supported the employment of a HOPS Development Manager.

The National Lottery Awards For All
The National Lottery Awards For All funded a one-year Development Manager and in 2021–2022 will fund
a Carers’ Project Co-ordinator. This funding is invaluable to us. 

The National Lottery – Covid-19 Community Fund
The Fund supported social inclusion work of HOPS during the pandemic.

Sunderland City Council (Community Led Local Development Fund) and Sunderland North Area
In partnership with Grace House, in 2019 HOPS delivered the Wellbeing Works pilot project. This
successfully supported 50 non-employed individuals who have health problems so that their health and
self-confidence improved, and they were able to move on in their lives, e.g. into voluntary work or training.
We are also grateful for a very large donation that enabled this project to go ahead. We also received a grant
under the Sunderland Local Support Scheme to help us with activities during the pandemic.

The Trust gave money for a HOPS Social Inclusion Co-Ordinator and online sessions during Covid-19.

Wearmouth Community Development Trust
During the pandemic, the Trust gave us a grant to deliver activity packs to Carers’ homes; the packs supported our accompanying online classes.

Greggs Foundation
Greggs Foundation has provided invaluable support for our Carers’ Time Out days and other activities, which
give Carers the rare opportunity to be looked after for a change, away from 24/7 caring duties.

We are grateful to the Hadrian Trust for helping us support isolated Carers.

Cultural Spring 
We received a grant from Your Art Fund 2016 to support the first term of singing classes which led to the
formation of the HOPS Community Choir, led by Lindsay Hannon. This group is thriving and there is plenty of
laughter as well as singing on choir nights! Open to all, the choir welcomes new members and is looking
forward to its next concert.


Without the generous help of some regular benefactors, HOPS Wellbeing would be unable to operate. Their belief in our work is unswerving and it enables us to reach out to those most in need of our services. We are indebted to them and thank them for their ongoing support. 

Similarly, the help of volunteers is crucial and much appreciated. The value of their unpaid work is estimated to exceed £40,000 p.a. and we are most grateful for their support.