Alex’s Story

“HOPS has given me hope for the future, hope that I can expect and receive a bit of quality time for me. Furthermore, time for me without guilt.

“I suppose that mine is not an easy remit, because I am both a Carer and recipient of care. My partner and I both have physical health problems, so care for each other, and at times have felt overwhelmed and alone…until we found out about HOPS.

“From that day my life has changed for the better. That’s not to say that my problems have gone away, (if only) but and it’s a big but, the time that I spend at HOPS gives me a sense of wellbeing that I could have only dreamed of before my first visit.”

Ben’s Story

“When I contacted your HOPS group, my major affliction was shooting pains from right knee down into the calf of that leg.  These pains were very severe and disabling.  I knew that my days as a car driver were numbered as the strength and frequency of the pains was increasing.

“What I didn’t report at my initial visit was that for several years I’d been suffering from pain down the right side of my neck and across my right shoulder. This had been diagnosed as an untreatable trapped nerve. Ultrasound and x-ray examinations of the knee had shown nothing.

“Just after the first HOPS treatment, the frequency of leg problems increased but I was grateful to report that my neck pains had vanished. At the end of the course, my knee to calf agony was diminished and now I can report that I have been free from all trouble in that area for some weeks.

“I also want to record that with HOPS I was a valued person. The practitioner dealing with my problems listened and really cared.  What I said wasn’t ignored… indeed my feedback was important as to how treatment progressed.

I hope that HOPS can go on and on. HOPS has given me a new lease of life.”

Postscript: Nearly a year after those sessions, Ben reports:

“Since my last session with Iris that pain has stayed away from my neck. The once trapped nerve in my neck is no longer a problem and whilst the pain was never sharp or disabling, it was there most of the time and its loss has lead me to understand the term ‘blessed relief’.  Most of the folks that I meet, if I get the chance, go away knowing that I think that the HOPS project is just wonderful. You see, sudden freedom from almost constant pain leaves one feeling euphoric.”

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