H.O.P.S. Healing Opportunities

HOPS is a Sunderland-based charity. We offer healing therapies and group activities to reduce stress and pain and boost wellbeing.

What’s on at HOPS

We reach out to unpaid Carers, those with long-term health conditions, and anyone in need. Our therapies benefit mind and body – easing pain and stress and lifting self-worth. Our classes and activities bring communities together to support learning and emotional wellbeing.

Get in touch! : info@healing-sunderland.co.uk

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Crafts * Mindfulness * Meditation * Restorative Yoga * Reiki/Healing * Singing * Massage * Reflexology

“With HOPS I was a valued person. The practitioner dealing with my problems listened and really cared. HOPS has given me a new lease of life.”




 Carers Connect is our private Facebook support group for Carers.

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