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Therapies can help to improve general well being including stress relief, sleep, confidence, relaxation, easing fatigue, anxiety and/or pain.

Feedback from clients is invariably positive.  Here are some examples :-

“Being able to talk to people, being understood and being cared for.”

“The treatments and someone to talk to who understood and made me feel comfortable.”

“Had time for self, to relax. The treatment has helped me cope a lot better.”

“I found that I was very receptive to the healing, leaving me revitalised and enjoying a positive outlook.”

“Peaceful, calm and friendly”

“Such a feeling of well-being. I came tense and went away relaxed.”

“ Lovely atmosphere – calming.”

“Having an hour to relax, an hour for myself, time to switch off.”

“The treatments and someone to talk to who understood and made me feel comfortable.”

“The opportunity to relax and let go of some worries”

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"HOPS has given me hope for the future, hope that I can expect and receive a bit of quality time for me. Furthermore, time for me without guilt.

I suppose that mine is not an easy remit, because I am both a carer and recipient of care. My partner and I both have physical health problems, so care for each other, and at times have felt overwhelmed and alone.

Until we found out about HOPS. From that day my life has changed for the better. That's not to say that my problems have gone away, (if only) but and it's a big but, the time that I spend at HOPS gives me a sense of well being that I could have only dreamed of before my first visit."

All our clients said that the therapy had helped them and that they felt better since having the treatment.

Other comments on feeling better after treatments:

“It just feels lovely to be able to relax. I lose a sense of time. It would be helpful to have more, especially the Shiatsu”

“Even my family have noticed what a difference it makes”

“Feel better in myself – feel less guilty in taking time out for myself”

“I will now build more of these experiences into my life on a regular basis”

“Feel much better mentally – more happy and more positive about things.” “Even after the first session, I felt better. Others said I looked better.”

“Less neck pain. Slept better after treatments”

“I feel healthier.”

Many of our clients would like to receive more sessions.

The reasons for wanting more sessions include:

“I feel I am calmer and more patient in stressful situations and it has been beneficial to my health.”

“I think in the longer term it would make a real difference to me”

“It did help me but I need more sessions as I have a busy lifestyle and family responsibilities.”

“I’m not used to relaxing for that amount of time. It feels so good to be relaxed.”

“Someone totally focused on me for a change.”

“It helps me to relax. It’s ‘me’ time. Enjoyed treatment & talking to therapist.”

“It’s so relaxing. Sets you up for the week”

Comments about the building where HOPS treatments take place:

Many described it as lovely, beautiful, calm.

“It’s easy to get to by bus. Nice big rooms”

“Relaxing and calm”

“Fabulous - feels great. I feel privileged to have been”

“A lovely building, very suitable for this kind of work. Great location.”

“Beautiful. Lovely old building”

“Better than a new building or a health centre. It’s not clinical.”

“Lovely. Quiet. Easy to get to. No parking problems.”

“I liked the privacy. It is welcoming.”

“A lovely place to be. Makes you feel comfortable. Very calming”

HOPS - 30 Roker Park Rd, Sunderland SR6 9PG       webmail    Reg. Charity No. 1137794